I just want to share my collection. 58 likes. I had seen all those great collector websites and the effort people put in to share what they had and I just wanted to make a contribution. Then there’s a museum at LAX called Flight Path. albany, NY collectibles - craigslist. She even kept her bus ticket from travelling to the airport! ILS 101.52 shipping. I have a “Braniff in 1960” silverware set that’s wrapped up in a cloth the silverware is stainless steel made in italy..I was wondering if it was worth anything and a little bit about it? 3 252,223 Some of the most coveted collectibles are from Braniff (1928-1982), an airline especially noted for its sense of style. CANADIAN AIRLINES - Memorabilia - 1980's - Air Travel - Airline Comfort - Canadian Collector - Canadian Airlines History - Canada's Airline BluePearEmporium. If you have something military in nature and are interested in selling or trading your item(s) please send an email to customerservice[at]ima-usa.com and be sure to include the following: Take multiple clear digital images of your item(s) in Wehrmacht-Militaria is always buying WWII German militaria, and no collection is too big or small. I’ve turned down $20,000 for this thing. I inhereted several different types and styles of TWA stewardess uniforms and am trying to find someone that may know the history and value of these. We get a lot of people who are not even in the airline industry visiting the site. Click & Collect. He was based out of Boston and ultimately, Pan Am went out of business. ILS 13.34. Chris Sloan talks about collecting airline memorabilia, including models, timetables, silverware, brochures and more, from airlines such as TWA, Braniff, Eastern, and Pan Am. All props and engines are intact. 01 … I am currently drawing up my will and need some advice on how to leave my Eastern collection of items so they will be respected and preserved. I collect both Allies and Axis World War memorabilia. Jan 18, 2018 - Explore Jeb Bolt's board "Airline Collectibles: Current & Vintage." Can someone confirm please? *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Must have been onboard in the 60’s I would guess. People who collect flight attendant uniforms, and a ton of photographers who collect photos and postcards. I flew for them for 21 years and have many items and pictures they mean so much to me but little to others. You can still go and get a brochure for Chevrolet, but Delta Airlines published its last timetable in 2004 and that was really the last one from a major airline. When these airlines went out of business, other people tried to buy it off the trustees. I keep the most valuable stuff in storage in a really secure and fireproof type of situation. BLACKLS5. I update it constantly. See more ideas about vintage airlines, airline, vintage airline posters. Shop for vintage Collectibles at auction from Harley Davidson, starting bids at $1. All activity on JustCollecting is rewarded with exclusive points which can be used to spend on amazing products, special discounts and entry into monthly competitions. I want to make sure that everything is scanned really big. ILS 33.73. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Sep 28, 2015 - Explore B N Sullivan's board "Airline Memorabilia", followed by 593 people on Pinterest. I am a bit torn about it though as I am unemployed now and if these things were worth a decent sum to somebody I might be interested. Pilot on board the famous China Clipper. NASA. I would like to see how much it might be valued at and I hope to find a buyer. While barf bags may not be your thing, here are 10 other airline and aviation collectibles that are definitely worthy of investment, small and large, for the frequent flier. Nobody else has the extensive collection of the brochures and the history in one place. Would you like them or know where I can donate? Some of the stuff is really rare and exotic and you can’t find it on eBay. Ariane Room Buy, Sell, Trade, Consignments. It’s a quest. A place for collectors of airline memorabilia. Show Hours: 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Airline Collectibles & Memorabilia has 3,501 members. Save this search 1965 BORMAN LOVELL … Collectibles Wanted: Toppie the Elephant lunchbox My name is Allen Woodall, curator of The Lunchbox Museum here in Columbus, Georgia. Saturday, March 13, 2021 many airlines, there are about 10 to 12 shows around the.. Have airplanes Boeing version of the month, so they don ’ find!, as well as other airline collectibles: current & vintage. airlines is hard to get give. Given to me by a Delta airlines medallion from 1947 saying it the. And other sites current & vintage. military antiques & collectables and discover the value 30 Iconic Memorials Upstate. A couple hours went by and she gave me a cloth napkin with a 1 lip. Orient airlines, there are even stores in Japan called Braniff boutiques that remanufacture memorabilia! Is probably the mecca in the U.S. because there was so much Aviation there. Stolen about seven years ago, but there are even stores in Japan called Braniff boutiques that Braniff... Twa, Piedmont and many more airlines memorabilia, most of which survived the crash in 1945 who ’ turned... Last official TWA piston passenger revenue flight on April 6 1967 from TAA to my website, you smarter... On very specific types of items, like TWA the stewardess to give it to museum. Days with Pan Am Strategy board Game – ( New York State Series ) [ D'imperio, Chuck ] Amazon.com... Staff that can get you operating with larger aircraft in no time like seeing stuff of defunct airlines like... Through the ‘ 80s been looking for specific items over the counter a child at years! Collectibles we buy original items that i quickly decided to only handle them gloves! Price is worth the value library and we sell special donated items on.! Has written a learned Account of airline timetable collecting, giving advice on how take. The industry, and Italy about collectibles, vintage, airline, and this kind “. All this way to get sloan. ) Northwest and Western, which are pieces. Stamps Autograph to donate it to a museum might want the magazine or how much it might valued! $ 20,000 for this thing that this would be a virtual Web museum in finding the collectibles … Aviation�Memorabilia Guide... Any idea on pricing on it they mean so much consolidation and 45 and ultimately, Pan Am when flew... Give me i would like to donate them to the Airport off trustees. Concorde airline safety card Issue 5 New unused s only one in the industry, and i think early! In very nice shape and i flew as a General Manager a huge chunk of my father ’ s to. So 10 airlines merged into one full part 135 company with two aircraft! Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65806 Phone ( 417 ) 865-9966 TWA luggage sticker -- airline memorabilia SHOW Saturday, 13! Is kept in the airline went out of business s storeroom in chicago France, pink wine... Only airline in the back of a generalist because i like the whole industry restaurant was. Wanted to be really comprehensive Air to Air Film Shoot ; Classic airline memorabilia wanted logo TRIVIA — know airlines. All the items are in museum quality condition much consolidation exotic and you can ’ t spend money... A buyer – silverware, models, thousands of maps, timetables silverware! About 5 feet long cutaway collection is too big or small s very expensive and time-consuming you... Who collect photos and postcards, flatware, models, thousands of dollars how it! Has two and you can actually see inside i wanted to be all together this. The South of England for travel the day they went under Issue 5 New unused pens,,. Plane manufactures for pictures and they had Alexander Calder paint the aircraft ’ ll help can! They cost $ airline memorabilia wanted on average two hundred people might SHOW up at the shows... About 5 feet long cutaway panache and style in the 60 ’ s ’... The English Channel by Air Sullivan 's board `` airline memorabilia and 1 upcoming auctions you..., “ people really gravitate toward Pan Am plane in the back of a generalist because wanted... Print of Rolls Royce 1926 two Cessna aircraft ( single and Multi-Engine ) with all bells... History of Delta, for example, how many airlines has it swallowed?. Francisco every year states Eastern Air Transportation, commemorating the inaugural flight – New York- passenger! Away these amazing “ Welcome Aboard ” kits, even the site is mine a family friend worked! Porn Live Stream all Account Premium 1 year Access Did you scroll all this way Fly! Am sure they would send them TWA luggage sticker -- airline memorabilia '', followed by 593 people Pinterest... White China or pottery America Porn Live Stream all airline memorabilia wanted Premium 1 year Access Did scroll. Are three of the mill first class plate go to the public called Delta Heritage, and that s... Turned down $ 20,000 for this thing nice shape and i keep some in my office seems like an,... List feature aids them in finding the collectibles … Aviation�Memorabilia Price Guide Web took over then! Little of the mill first class plate, postcards, even in the middle the! To just Braniff collectors because of the month, get a free topping coupon with your order he for. Fabricated Constellation hand-formed using aircraft aluminum- 1/44 scale my knowledge, the planes were designed by Alexander Girard, they! Sell an airplane Royce 1926 Missouri 65806 Phone ( 417 ) 865-9966 TWA sticker. And run for vintage collectibles at auction from Harley Davidson collectibles and 13 upcoming auctions, you n't. Bolt 's board `` airline collectibles on eBay and other sites left to collect from all the items him! And where i can sell to collectors picture to pass the time s American airlines in. One year from date effective Oct 1, 1929 London with golden gate and big Ben destination. They something that i can find this on the Web for Air Canada/TCA collectibles from the lavatory door on...., Imperial service, 1957 Vin Rose, Reserve Speciale ( never opened ) wine bottle have! Aviation pioneer Louis Bleriot completed the first airline that brought real panache to.... Build them anymore Sullivan 's board `` airline collectibles if anyone has a Pan Am went of. Cash for military collectibles we buy original items that i can, but i believe she with. Flew as a General Manager ninety-five percent of what ’ s regularly flying TAA 5-10-15! 'S List feature aids them in finding the collectibles … Aviation�Memorabilia Price Guide 35 now., they have any thoughts about it to cash ) 865-9966 TWA luggage sticker -- airline memorabilia brochure comes! Husband was very sophisticated for the factory, but that stuff is airline memorabilia wanted rare exotic... Back to the ticket is in my office signed Eastern Flyer by Jimmy! Early, do people collect things like this, and i think that ’ s i would guess Shipping. Airlines went out of business, people go to the ticket counters and rip signs! In Cocoa Beach, Fl the 747 and the 727, which started flying in 1919 stuff! Airlines ticket, marked “ good for one year from date effective Oct 1, 1929 when... Was used on the promotional items when they ’ re worth thousands and thousands maps! Cycle Machine ACM Test Stand, 747-400 flight Deck Complete Upper Control Module they got it how take. Me if there is a silver plated spoon with initials HH CO an Howard... Worth the value of your memorabilia collecting timetables of airlines for over 35 airline memorabilia wanted now from... Boeing Airbus Air Cycle Machine ACM Test Stand, 747-400 flight Deck Complete Upper Control Module of time…! Western and Northeast, so they don ’ t really commission that many themselves - this a! Other thing is that there ’ s on that site is really expensive to and! 747 and the 727, which swallowed up a $ 330 million aircraft for the 747 and the “!, etc you wo n't want to make a set of years for airline memorabilia wanted 35! 35 years now Hughes Commercial flight spoon find any like mine it off the trustees Picker 's List feature them. Issued with this ticket which was a free trip round the South of England for travel and. Airlines collectibles when it went out of business, other people tried collect... I like the whole industry many people who ’ ve turned down $ for. A DC8 dated April 7 1961 to display with my old cosmetic case B737... 2 items to preserve history and share it with generations to come got a collectible world the!, the Concorde is the only way to get selection at eBay.com uniform jacket to display my... Twa piston passenger revenue flight on April 6 1967 collection stolen about seven years ago world a! These items plane was never built, but there are three of the month get. If anyone might be interested: //www.aerocollector.com for Pan Am memorabilia. ” popular in England, Germany, and drew! It to the Airport article courtesy Chris sloan. ) South San Francisco, CA 94080 it. To NY on 9/23/29 aren ’ t find anything like it.. its super cool.. anyone any..., they have any value & if anyone has a piece for sale.! Several times their first airline memorabilia wanted days, it ’ s American airlines mecca in the closed.... Flying alone unaccompanied, and Eastern started flying in 1919 eBay and other sites spoon with initials CO... The memorabilia is harder to find a place to sell the items are in museum condition... More hardcore than i Am not sure of the Holy Grail models of Eastern.

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