The Adventure Time Finale is finally over. However, a lot of this officially licensed material is written without the creative input of the show's crew, so is usually considered non-canon. I only drew this, because of the last scene of The Treasure Hunters; Shermy and Beth The Pup Princess acquired The Finn's Sword. ADVENTURE TIME (c) by Pendleton Ward (Cartoon Network & Frederator Studios) Art by Me Adventure Time is a large franchise, and as a result it has spawned a lot of spin-off media, such as comics, graphic novels, and video games. ... to a pair of young adventurers named Shermy and Beth … 'Adventure Time' EP Adam Muto breaks down some of the biggest moments from the series finale, including that long-awaited kiss. In the Adventure Time finale, Shermy (Sean Giambrone) and Beth (Willow Smith) ask BMO what … There was a giant tree there where Fern was buried and Shermy and Beth climbed it before they were seen pulling out a sword - much like Finn and Jake in the opening credits to Adventure Time. Beth being Jakes reincarnation is the ultimate finalization (tons of better words I could have probably used there but that’s the best I got) of one of the shows biggest themes, and I feel it takes a ton away from Shermy and Beth’s entire existence if she isn’t. Shermy and Beth, Finn and Jake’s spiritual successors, set out on a journey to find the King and learn just what happened during the war. That was kind of a mislead that this could be an all-new show and the original Adventure Time is sort of their mythology, and so you see glimpses of it, but Shermy and Beth … Adventure Time spin off. Adventure Time: Distant Lands, HBO Max’s anthology-style spinoff of the hit Cartoon Network show, has released a trailer for its second installment – “Obsidian” – starring Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. *SPOILER ALERT* Sorry to say this, but I didn't watch the whole season of Adventure Time. Though Beth is clearly Jake’s descendant, it’s not yet known if Shermy is a Finn-like hero, or the actual reincarnation of Finn, seeing as Finn does that. Many of us just aren't ready to say goodbye to Adventure Time, it was just left too open ended, we want to know what happened after they settled down or see Shermy and Beth go on their Adventures as the reincarnations of Finn and Jake. Adam Muto said Adventure Time's ending really didn't begin to form until the end of Season 8, and even then said it wasn't officially laid out until … Distant Lands’ first hour-long special, “BMO,” premiered on the streaming platform in June.