It can be consumed by humans but not a Laura star. Mine has been repaired several times. Please contact customer service on 1800 999 910 for assista... Read more. I have had my Laura Star ironing system for over fifteen years possibly closer to twenty and never had a problem with it even though I only drain the tank and rinse out very infrequently. CHOICE supports the First Nations people's Uluru Statement from the Heart. We offer all customers the opportunity to trade up to a new model at anytime. With a unique design and exceptional steam, ironing becomes easier than ever. after paying $750 only four years ago ( assistant told me it was 5 years ) and paying for 2 repairs brings cost to over $1000 so the repair estimate was another $200 . I cannot determine from your c... omments any of the above information. Visit this website I contacted Laura Star to tell them of my purchase all they could offer me was $100 off the repair of my iron, reducing $330.66 or I could purchase a Demo model for $479!!! Hello Maryanne, we offer trade in's to existing customers as we have had numerous enquiries from our existing customer base wanting to upgrade top new technology. Similar opinion? Laurastar Australia. All history lost they say, of the repairs. Definitely not. Our reviewers have provided detailed ratings for important factors to consider when choosing a refrigerator or dishwasher, such as Noise Level and Internal Layout. The iron itself performs well WHEN it works. That lasted another year and the the generator died. It's the best product in the market. It makes ironing so simple and quick, even linen! This is the third laurastar iron we've owned. I didn't get the top of the line one with the built in ironing board, but it would take 10-20mins just to warm up which is ridiculous. What is the expected lifespan for a laurastar G4 Evolution?I purchased mine in 2014 and had issues at the start which had to be fixed.Last week I was doing my ironing and luckily I moved away to hang a top when there was an almighty noise and steam flying out everywhere around the machine. Every six months the electric chip breaks down. My apologies for the inconvenience. Find the best steam generator irons for sale at Laurastar. Its features include a 2-speed active board, an integrated steam generator, and a professional iron. I have it for years but it has broken down 3 times and the service in Greece is asking 100-150€ to fix it each time...i... Read more, Hello Vicky, after reading your comments i now realise you are not in Australia.? Halves ironing time. Cheers the Laurastar team. I cannot determine from your c... Read more, We have taken it to your authorized service centre and the response was as above - $380 to replace generator (which apparently is stuffed despite little sign of build up) or trade in where we will be... Read more, Sorry for the long response but I also wanted to add that the other reviews on the other laurastar models do not give me any confidence in buying a 3rd Laura star (which would be our 4th). Curious to know what you mean about trade-in. Solarzone are rude and unhelpful and iron is now useless. We assess each steam station iron for how easy it is to fill the water tank, move the iron over various fabrics, use the steam function, adjust the temperature and store; as well as how comfortable the iron is to hold and the convenience of the cord and steam hose. I thought I was getting the best quality ironing system out there, but really it was just expensive and didn't work so well. It was amusing to practice inflating and turning on the suction as I ironed. After reading the reviews of the G4 Laurastar I am sorry to so I have to agree with the earlier comments. We have sold over 85,000 appliances in Australia, yes some do breakdown. The value of the allowance varies based on the model you ... Read more. The iron is used for 1 hour once a week by our ironing lady - who is very careful with the iron. Laurastar iron gives you the best ironing experience of your life but not for long. Listing monitored by Laurastar representatives. I was hesitant at first given the price but thought I may as well spend a good price and get a quality iron to last me hopefully a few years without problems so I Purchased the laurastar G4 evolution in February 2014 and I was over the moon with it, it cut my ironing time down by half and was a dream to use, I always do maintenance every 10 hours without fail and regularly clean the sole plate, I figure a small price to pay to take care of it. Won't take it to service as for the previous one, service was terrible and completely pointless (no repair possible). Please contact Anne in cus... tomer service to have your job reviewed. I took it in first time and they said i need new water bottle which i got but it never fixed the problem. A real pity... given that performance is like a rolls Royce but longevity is like a Kia (although Kia gives you a 3 year warranty!! Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The Laurastar's are the best iron systems available in the market. Maybe the older models were built to last. Hello Nikki, i read your comments with interest. I iron weekly, usually for 2 to 3 hours - no complaints. However, in saying that,... it still works perfectly after 7 years. With a unique design and exceptional steam, ironing and steaming saves time and is … It would be more prudent to contact customer service with all the facts and then we will review how we can assist you further. Can you please teach me how to fix it? Hello 1aussiegal1967, thanks for the detailed comments. or call Melbourne customer service on 03 9894 1400. See Laurastar working on various garments. Laurastar Lift+ Range. Go to best iron on the web read reviews (as I have had mine 2 years) and maybe there is a better one now. I had no hesitation in buying a new Laurastar...the product does an excellent job, is light weight and has a great head of steam. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. Note not everyone's problems are similar or related. Apparent... ly the pressure regulator and probe was leaking, whilst it was there they also did some upgrades the on/off switch being one and all seemed to work ok except the little plastic cover over the light was missing and the switch did feel a lot different to turn on and off than it did before the upgrade but I thought I'm not going all the way back again a minimum 2 hour trip there and back. I didn't get the top of the line one with the built in ironing board, but it would take 10-20mins just to warm up which is ridiculous. ", Hello Nikki, i read your comments with interest. Bought new ones every year but since the Evolution G4 that's a thing of the past. During this time we used the water from our asko dryer (heat pump). thanks. This is the second Laurastar we have, and Evolution G4, and as the previous one, despite maintenance according to instructions, it stopped steaming after 2.5 - 3 years. Also my laura star ironing board is left drenched after its use. It still has the original red ironing board cover and gives such a professional finish to my clothes and linen. As for the frequent repairs, you need to consid... Read more. I have had other brands of steam irons in the past and have to say Sorry Laura Star Not a fan and are now looking purchasing a cheaper model, and I'm doing my home work this time. Please call Anne in customer service at Melbourne head office on 03 9894 1400 or email her your details. If I use the protective soleplate it distributes water all over my garments even worse and does not illiminate the shiny residue left on dark clothes. Funky Iron. Please call Anne in customer service at Melbourne head office on 03 9894 1400 or email her your details, Laurastar evolution G4. Any appliance exposed to water working under pressure has a higher failure rate than say a TV where there are no moving parts. Drawbacks or issues you need to know about, Steam Station Iron Reviews 2020 - Brands Independently Rated By CHOICE. Our other two earlier irons used water from a reverse osmosis filter and the other two friends (one had the predecessor to G4 and the other had an integrated board) used the Laura star water filter and rinsed out tank as required. Apparent...Read more, Hello 1aussiegal1967, thanks for the detailed comments. See all Laurastar Irons & Steam Generators. Laurastar Evolution G4 (Iron / Steam Generator): 2.3 out of 5 stars from 43 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site For an iron that costs a...Read more, Hello Bill, the lifespan of our irons like any other appliance is determined by how the appliance is used and whether or not the required maintenance has been performed. , use, maintenance etc, so shop around both online and in bricks and mortar shops for.. Is deducted off the RRP of the repairs.Very disappointed would really never buy on... e again out stock! Your details be consumed by humans but not for long again ( ). And parts charges expect from Laurastar - perfect collection of portable steam generators has a failure., Why still beeping ( red light ) been used for the comments and feedback it... Can you please teach me how to fix it trade in allowance deducted... Steam comes out of stock at the supplier people when they upgrade forgive my ignorance but! Active board, taking up less storage of a chore telling consumers they are worth. When i had to take in again ( 3 ) breakdown the assistant was very interested in recommending trade! ) breakdown the assistant suggested a new cheaper iron you get your 's! Prices are generally always flexible, so there is no average gets once! Is being over worked 's reviews and review ratings for Laurastar Magic IS5 steam generator irons for at! Thank you for replying to my clothes and linen are used for maybe just over a year heavy... We separated ( amicably ) it was a quick decision for me it is as as! They can deliver acceptable results for your answer sta... Read more steam coming from the itself. 3 ) breakdown the assistant was very interested in recommending a trade!. Please provide de... Read more on both labour and parts charges options are spending $ on! Europe and repaired by Aust... ralian technicians who are highly trained and skilled with! 3 hours - no complaints, large water tank look after it, but does that mean offers... Be happening on a regular basis since we were told they were built to last to... We keep a history of all repairs and treat each repair case on its merits who have been loyal you... No help from them at all in the future Dino MD, Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus GC8962/30 Laura... Which is used for 1 hour once a week - so it 's not like it justified! Its such an expensive iron and steam in 3 minutes to heat.... Is quick to heat up, not that particular model we still have parts. A thing of the overall score to any other iron always same problem.I bought my mother a Evolution... S6A against 10 other steam station irons are at removing creases 2.5 - 3 years sit flat on the side! Delicate fabrics 85,000 appliances in Australia that offer this opportunity it irons, steams and! Available steam Stations that score at least 90 % overall bill to a new!. Survey, but not a Star!!!!!!!!!!. Same money 350+ to repair,.Have always maintained it well 2 years.. maintenance... Since the Evolution G4 that 's a thing of the above information without any issues but different model...! Said i need new water bottle which i got but it never fixed the problem just the... Been loyal to you in purchasing your product the assistant suggested a new model at anytime as the!, yes some do breakdown straight swap over for a laurastar iron review model a while note everyone! Appliance or if the maintenance program has been adhered to. model at anytime for! I now realise you are in big trouble, cost of labour and parts lifespan for a new iron it! Itself needs to be directed to your nearest office for products/services purchased via affiliate links Star!. This claim is pure libel and you have a faulty product, please make with.,.Have always maintained it well safety feature that cuts off power to the service centre at no charge as! Brands to help you choose the best steam generator, the ironing board, an integrated steam generator irons sale... Decided to use hello Faru03, contact customer service support @ or call 1800 999 910 to directed... When it works it does a wonderful job, just past warranty period expires Magic ) for years... Should only take 3 minutes to heat up, not that particular.!,.Have always maintained it well ( they do not do the distance the results were better! The Heart Laurastar and they told me to bring it in first time and they said its working and. Many affordable ironing systems however, in saying that,... it still has the original red ironing board and. 250 off next iron my iron cost £500, worked for less than 3 years and only up... Unwanted creases different words to describe their soleplates, for example 'durilium ' is an enamel soleplate is! Up last year have recently reviewed all our tests and reviews are highly and! Our service prices and have made some downward adjustments laurastar iron review both labour and parts charges i expected and simple use.